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“Kenshin is back after a break and paired up with Tomohisa. It just so happens that Tomo has been interested in topping on camera, and Kenshin is just the kind of guy to make that dream come true. They get over any initial nerves with a sweet bout of kisses, then strip down to black briefs. Tomohisa nibbles at the crotch of Kenshin’s undies and gently works them down till he’s naked, then nuzzles and gently takes Kenshin’s cock into his mouth. Kenshin turns the tables and pulls down Tomohisa’s undies to get his mouth around that big stiffy.

Kenshin gets on all fours with his ass towards Tomo, who kneads his cheeks and tentatively licks his hairy crack. He turns Kenshin over and spreads a towel under his butt as he slides a lubed finger into his hole. Massaging it around inside, he gets a warm smile in response and leans in for another kiss. Sucking Kenshin he uses his fingers to open the handsome young stud for the next phase.

Dick standing straight and tall, Tomohisa rolls on a condom and works it into Kenshin’s warmed-up booty. Kenshin wraps his legs around Tomo’s hips as he responds to the slick pressure inside. They roll over as Kenshin wants to climb on and feel Tomohisa’s woody straight up inside him.

Kenshin bounces and grinds gleefully on Tomo’s cock as Tomohisa guides him into just the right position, holding on to his ribs for support. They’re getting close, lie next to each other on the crisp white sheets beating each other’s throbbing dicks. Kenshin is primed and ready, squirts a load of hot cream all over his lean tight belly. He turns his attention to Tomohisa, and milks out a thick spray that runs down his beating fist onto Tomo’s downy pubes.”

Scene Details

Scene Title: Tomohisa Topping Kenshin

Pornstars: Tomohisa & Kenshin

Website: Japan Boyz / Gay Asian Network


Asian, Twinks, Jocks, Condoms, Blowjob, Cum on Stomach, Gay Hardcore

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