Str8 Chaser Review

Video Quality

Since their videos don’t offer any download options here, it’s a little tough to get actual specs on them. So we’re going by looks alone for the streaming videos. They look pretty good overall, and I’d say they’re coming in at 1080p HD as advertised. Beware that that’s not the default setting, so make sure to bump the quality up if that’s your thing!

Str8 Chaser Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

Their photos aren’t downloadable either, which is kind of a pain. So again, it’s tough to know exactly how large their pictures are. You can only view them in your browser (without trying to hack your way into getting them onto your computer), so they’re displayed rather small compared to most downloadable photos. They look good, but I wish their viewing options were better.

Str8 Chaser Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

There are just under 100 scenes up right now, which isn’t terrible, but really isn’t that large yet, unfortunately. They are still adding material though, which is a good thing, so hopefully these numbers continue to climb!

Don’t forget, your membership gets you full access to the entire network!

Str8 Chaser Member Content Quantity


They’re a little inconsistent, but they are coming at least. Expect something new to be added sometimes weekly, sometimes every other week. I’d love to see them tighten the schedule up, but I’m glad new material is coming pretty consistently.

Str8 Chaser Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site gets the job done in a pretty minimal fashion. The biggest issue is that there are multiple sites under one roof, and a few ads sprinkled throughout, so it takes a little time to find your way around. And then the search option is just a simple search box that doesn’t do a ton of good.

Str8 Chaser Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

Mobile Speed

We check the site using both some site speed metrics, plus an actual device itself. The scores weren’t the best, though the actual experience was a little closer to average. It took a few extra seconds for everything to load and start playing compared to a regular computer.

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Str8 Chaser Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed

Things were definitely better once I got on my main computer. Downloads came in quick, and pages loaded fast as well.

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Str8 Chaser Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

The price is definitely right here thanks to the discount. And while it’s not the largest site, it is growing. The only other main detracting thing going on here are the lack of downloads for both the photos and videos. I’d put the value as pretty middle of the road.

Str8 Chaser Special Discount Join Page


  • Quality is pretty good all around here
  • Nice discounted price point
  • Updates are coming
  • Network access included
Str8 Chaser Membership Pros and Cons


  • Can’t download the photos or videos
  • Still needs some growth
  • Some weeks have missed updates
  • Navigation is just okay
Str8 Chaser Final Recommendation Image

Final Recommendation

At the end of the day, Str8 Chaser is off to an okay start, but I’ll say it’s too early to tell how the chips will fall in the long run.

On the plus side, their quality is pretty good, they’re still actively adding content, the price is right thanks to a nice discount, and the network access helps fill in the gaps in between updates.

On the down side, the site isn’t small, but still needs some growth, some of the scenes are less entertaining the others, you aren’t able to download any of the content, and updates a little more hit and miss than I was hoping for.

If you love watching gay men who are into straight guys and will do anything to get their pants off, Str8 Chaser may just work for you. Given some time and growth, I think things could get even better down the road a bit.

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