RetroMales Review

Video Quality

These are retro videos, so you have to come in here expecting quality issues inherent to their age. Even the videos labeled HD are still grainy and pixilated. Some are sepia-toned.

These aren’t the super-sharp videos of a more modern site, but you have to cut them some slack considering that the fact that these ARE older movies is the standout feature here.

Retro Males Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The same is true for the photo galleries. The images are grainy and small and some are actually just vidcaps. It’s a mixed bag but overall quality is what I expected.

Retro Males Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Retro Males main focus is on videos, and there are currently nearly 400 of them for members to enjoy. Each one is typically about 15 minutes in length. There are also 90 photo galleries, and the network access, to keep members busy, as well.

Retro Males Member Content Quantity


Updates are coming to Retro Males at a solid pace. You can count on a new video every three days.

Retro Males Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The setup here is quite easy to use. The scenes are listed in the order they were added, with additional options to sort by popularity. There’s also a model index and a basic keyword search. It’s not the most advanced setup, but I felt it was effective for the site. 

Retro Males Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

 Mobile Speed

Speeds on their mobile site were extremely slow. The videos buffered constantly while streaming and the pages loaded slowly, as well. You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Retro Males Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed

Desktop speeds were slightly better though still not fast enough. It took ages to download these videos and streaming was no better. You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Retro Males Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

Membership to Retro Males will run you $20 a month. That’s a fair price for a unique collection like this, especially with the network access. It’s certainly a good value considering the size of the collection and the frequent updates.

Retro Males Membership Join Page


  • Unique gay hardcore collection
  • Network access
  • Frequent updates
  • Good-sized collection
RetroMales Membership Pros and Cons


  • Very slow site and downloads
  • Largely poor quality content
  • Member’s area ads
Retro Males Membership Final Recommendation Image

Final Recommendation    

Retro Males does a solid job with their vintage collection! There’s quite a lot to see here and more is being added at a good rate. The site is fairly user-friendly and there’s a decent amount of information and personality to be found here.

Though I may have griped a bit about the content quality, overall I found it entirely appropriate for this genre of site and some of the scenes stood out as much better than I expected. You have to know coming into a retro site like this what you’ll be getting, and I think they do a good job with what they have to work with.

Retro Males rounds out their own collection with access to the Gay Porn Mega Site network. This provides a huge amount of additional content to members and the whole enchilada will run you just $20 a month.

Fans looking for a taste of the 70s really should give Retro Males a look. Bijou Videos has done a great job at building a collection that is a must-see for fans of classic and vintage gay porn.

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