Reality Thugs Review

Video Quality

Their videos look pretty good here, coming in all the way up to full 1080p high definition. There are a few caveats, however. Their videos are streaming only, and the default quality level isn’t the highest, so make sure to check the settings. Once you do, you can watch these things full screen and have crisp, clear, and colorful videos waiting for you.

Reality Thugs Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos look good as well, though the lack of downloads is an even bigger problem here. Since they only display in your browser, they really come in on the small side (like under 1000 pixels). I’m sure the actual photos are larger, but there’s just no easy way to view them at full resolution.

Reality Thugs Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Sadly, there’s not a ton of content here. There are 44 scenes up currently, which isn’t bad as a starting point, but it won’t take you long to get through everything in their collection, at which point you’ll have to move on.

Reality Thugs Member Content Quantity


Here’s a new one, they have an update from the future already on the website! But don’t get too excited. Though there’s a random scene from a date that’s 10 days out, they took a year off of updates prior to that. So you’ll have to keep an eye out to see if this is a fluke, or if updates are starting back up.

Reality Thugs Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site is just so-so in terms of navigation and options. It’s a pretty simple, clean site, though there are some ads around (and a full page one when you log in). From there, you’ll have to find the area where you can choose a site from within the network, and then find this site’s content specifically. There weren’t any great search or browse features to use on this site alone.

Reality Thugs Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

Mobile Speed

The mobile speed scores weren’t as impressive as I’d hoped for. Browsing on an iPhone was doable at least, and a lot will just be dependent on your network speed. You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Reality Thugs Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed

The experience was much better on an actual computer as everything loaded much quicker, and it was pretty easy and fast to jump around in a video. You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Reality Thugs Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

I love that they offer a nice discount for our users. The lower $18 price tag makes a big difference here. However, with a small amount of content, not much in terms of updates, and no downloads, I’m going to say the value is on the low side here overall.

Reality Thugs Special Discount Join Page


  • Pretty unique hardcore gay thug action
  • Video quality is pretty nice here once you switch to 1080p
  • Discounted price is available
  • Network access is included
Reality Thugs Membership Pros and Cons


  • Only 44 scenes up currently, which is pretty small
  • No real updates to speak of in the last year
  • You can’t download any of the content
  • Navigation options are a bit plain
Reality Thugs Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation

I like that Reality Thugs offers up types of guys that you don’t normally see in gay porn very often. They’re definitely rough, have a lot of tattoos, have even more attitude, and also bring nice big dicks and fuckable asses. It’s a good break from the usual gay porn you’ll see.

However, a lot of things really hold them back from getting a full recommendation right now. First, they need more content, ASAP. And on top of that, they didn’t add any new scenes for the entire past year.

Second, nothing is downloadable here. So you’re stuck streaming the videos, and even worse, looking at the photos one at a time in your browser. It makes for a pretty limited experience overall.

What they do have is fun, and it looks great. But the user experience as a whole (especially without a ton of content) is just a bit lackluster.

If they can get the updates going again and get some better numbers here, I think Reality Thugs could prove to be a fun destination down the road. Especially since their discounted price brings them well below average in terms of cost.

Reality Thugs Final Recommendation Image
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