Raging Stallion Review

Video Quality

The videos look very nice here overall, especially all of the newer ones (which make up a large chunk of their content). Then again, they also have content going back to 1998, so you know the drill with older quality.

The videos are not downloadable, but they offer several streaming quality options all the way up to 1080p, and they look very clean and crisp from here.

Photo Quality

The photos look decent as well, though they’re a little closer to standard in terms of the overall quality. They are downloadable, and they come in zip files.

The Raging Stallion member photos max out at 1920×1280 in terms of size, which is very middle of the road. They do have nice lighting and all at least, they could just be larger.

The Raging Stallion photos are easily download in convenient zip files. If you prefer to keep your viewing experience online, you can easily flip thru the pics by the individual or in slideshow mode.

Content Quantity

There’s a lot to see here no matter how you look at it. They have over 480 DVDs up, or over 2,100 scenes up, depending on how you want to browse the site.

That’s a pretty big number, though remember that some of it isn’t exclusive to this site.


It looks like they post a new scene every 2-3 days, kind of randomly, which is okay by me. Not having a set schedule, but still adding three new scenes a week will never be a problem in my book.

Navigation & User Interface

I’d say the site looks and feels a little more plain than I’d like, as though maybe it’s time for a little refresher. And you basically just browse pages full of their DVDs, scenes, or male pornstars, depending on your preference. They do have an okay filtering section for the scenes and DVDs that will let you select multiple tags at once. Their tag list just isn’t that large.

Site Speed

Since there were no video downloads, all I really had to go by were the site speed scores we get, and just an overall feel while browsing. This site comes in just under average I’d say for both desktop and mobile browsing. Thumbnails just always took an extra second or two to load, and there’s a lot going on.

Price / Value

It’s tough to beat a decent-sized collection at a great price. The only real drawbacks I see holding the value back even more are the lack of downloads, and the DVD material.


  • Good-sized collection overall
  • Updates come every 2-3 days
  • Video quality is great
  • Fun gay muscle dude scenes
  • Great half price discounted join rate


  • Videos can’t be downloaded, they’re only streaming
  • Older quality isn’t as good
  • Photos could be a bit larger
  • With such a large collection, navigation could be even better

Final Recommendation  

There are a few little things holding Raging Stallion back from getting an even better score, but they definitely wouldn’t hold you back from having a good time if you like what you see here.

The content is pretty standard overall, so if you’re into mostly the regular gay porn scenes with some muscles and jocks involved, you should like what you see here. Plus, the quality is good, even with just the streaming videos, so there are no complaints there.

The main complaint just comes from the lack of downloadable videos I’d say. It won’t be a huge deal for some, and it’ll definitely bother some others. The other downsides are a bit more nit picky and aren’t that big of problems by any means. I wouldn’t mind even more navigation and search functionality due to the size of the collection. And of course, some of the older videos don’t look as good as the newer ones.

If you don’t mind just streaming the videos, I think Raging Stallion is worth a look, especially at the very low price of $15 each month thanks to our awesome discount we hooked up for you. Take a look through their tour, and rest well knowing there’s a ton more where that came from waiting inside.

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