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Pride Studios Review

Video Quality

I love when studios that have been around for a long time make efforts to keep up with the times. Pride Studios offers their scenes in 1080p HD these days, and they look fantastic!

Even though they’re not on the 4K bandwagon, I don’t think you’re going to miss it at all. The videos are well lit, bright, crisp, and clear.

Pride Studios Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

Their photos don’t look bad for sure, though they’re a little more standard in terms of the quality overall. They come in at 1920×1080 and look good since they are also well lit (and all of the other things), but I wouldn’t call this a photo-focused site by any means. The videos are where it’s at.

Pride Studios Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Since they’ve been around so long, it’s no wonder that they have a decent amount to see here. There are over 2,800 scenes online to check out, which is decent. I’m a little surprised it wasn’t even larger, but I won’t complain too much.

Pride Studios Member Content Quantity


New scenes are added every 1-4 days, and I couldn’t find any discernable pattern. It’s just a few of their sites that are actively updating, but you never have to wait too long for something new.

Pride Studios Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

Both the site and the navigation look and feel a bit dated, unfortunately. Even the logo screams of being from an older porn company. With so much content, they really need more options to help you search and filter things down better. But it’s basically a site where you browse around till you find what you need.

Pride Studios Member Navigation And User Interface

Site Speed

Everything was pretty by-the-book here in terms of speed. There weren’t any major issues, though the speeds could be bumped a little overall. But you shouldn’t have any problems by any means.

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Pride Studios Mobile Page Speed Test

You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Pride Studios Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

Their discounted membership of just $10 per month is an insane deal. And you get access to so much content that it’s hard to see this as anything but a great value overall.

Pride Studios Special Discount Join Page


  • Super low price due to the great discount
  • Lots of material online
  • Video quality is great
  • Updates come pretty often
Pride Studios Membership Pros And Cons


  • Navigation is on the plain side
  • Design could use an update as well
  • Photos aren’t quite as good of quality
  • Slight room for improvement in download speeds
Pride Studios Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation   

All in all, even though Pride Studios can feel a little dated in some ways, it’s hard to complain too much because they deliver where it counts. The price is simply unbeatable. And they have enough content to keep you busy for a pretty long while, all of which comes in great quality lately.

Their site could use an upgrade overall, mostly to help you find content quicker, and to have things feel more modern and current. But it’s not a major problem here as you can still find what you need, maybe just a little slower than on other sites.

I’d take a look around the tour for Pride Studios to see if you like their hardcore gay material. Sleep well knowing that their HD quality is quite awesome, and at the price, you’re going to have a hard time finding a much better value out there.

Pride Studios Final Recommendation Image
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