Phoenixxx Network Review

Video Quality

Their newer scenes come in 1080p HD and look pretty good overall. But, they only comprise maybe 5% of their collection as a whole, so it’s a pretty small percentage. Most of the videos come in SD quality and don’t look nearly as good. Going forward, you can expect the great videos to continue at least.

Phoenixxx Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos aren’t looking that large, unfortunately. The quality isn’t bad, though they feel a little dated and have an older feel to them. They come in at 1000×667 at best, which is a good bit smaller than we normally see. I don’t think the photos are a main focus here for Phoenixxx, but a small bump in size and quality wouldn’t hurt.

Phoenixxx Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

They currently have 849 scenes online, which is a pretty decent size. While it won’t compete with some of the megasites out there, considering they shoot all their own material, it’s a nice collection they’ve built up.

Phoenixxx Member Content Quantity


Updates are a little inconsistent, but come in every 2-4 days on average I’d say. You can find anything from one day to one week in between new scenes, but they are coming in.

Phoenixxx Member Content Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site feels kinda old here all around. Everything from the design, to the color choices, to even the layout just screams website design from several years ago. However, they do have some good functionality built in including the option to filter by website, tag/category, and model, making it easier to navigate than I was expecting.

Phoenixxx Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

Overall, the speed needs a little improvement I’d say. The best speeds came from just browsing the site on a desktop. However, once downloads started, things went downhill a little. Mobile browsing was the most notable issue with pages taking longer to load than I’m used to.

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Phoenixxx Mobile Page Speed Test

You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Phoenixxx Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

With such a good discounted price point here, they’ve really jumped ahead of the value curve right from the get go. Add in a decent amount of content, and I think they provide a good bang for your buck overall.

Phoenixxx Special Discount Join Page


  • Awesome discounted $15 monthly price tag
  • Quality is decent lately
  • Updates come fairly often
  • Good-sized collection
  • Nice navigation and filtering options
Phoenixxx Network Membership Pros and Cons


  • Majority of content doesn’t come in HD
  • Design is pretty dated, needs a refresher
  • Updates are a little inconsistent overall
  • Photos are on the small side
Phoenixxx Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation   

While Phoenixxx may feel like a bit of an older site in many ways, in other ways, they’re really doing a lot of good things here to keep fans interested and excited. They start off with the awesome discount price for you guys to join for just $15 per month. And they continue on with a good amount of content, decent updates, and good quality lately.

Most of the issues I have are just due to how long the site’s been around. A majority of the content doesn’t look that great as it comes in SD. The design is also pretty dated. And I wish they’d get on a regular update schedule, though I’m glad they are coming in as often as they are.

All in all, there are definitely worse places to find your twink, daddy, and athletic men gay porn out there. With the low price point and good overall quantity, it’s tough to get too disappointed here. If they refreshed a few things to keep up with the times, they’d be doing that much better.

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