Peter Fever Review

Video Quality

The videos look decent here, though they’re not downloadable, so it’s tough to get exact specs on them. I believe they’re at least 720p HD videos and look fine, though I wouldn’t call them the best videos I’ve ever seen, even in terms of streaming. But I don’t think you’ll have any major quality issues to speak of, either.

Photo Quality

The photos look decent, but not great. They vary a little bit from one set to the next, and I can’t quite tell if they re-introduce older content in the mix from time to time. The latest photo sets come in at just over 1500×1000 and are fine but not the best.

Content Quantity

There is a decent amount of content up at least with them having been around for so many years. There are just under 500 scenes online at the moment, and they are still growing today thankfully.


If nothing else, the updates come in very consistently at least with a new scene posted weekly. I wouldn’t mind even more updates, of course, and sometimes they seem to remaster videos and re-release them, but at least they’re coming.

Navigation & User Interface

The site has a nice feel to it overall with a pretty clean design. They break out the videos and photos into their own sections, and then they also have a nice long list of categories you can browse through as well. You can’t combine them into an advanced search of any type, but it’s something.

Site Speed

The site loaded pretty quickly for me, both on a desktop and on a mobile device. I did notice a slowdown or two here and there with the zip file downloads, although the files aren’t that large, so it’s not a huge deal at all.

Price / Value

There’s no discount here sadly, and the price is pretty middle of the road. They do have a decent amount of content up and update weekly, but they don’t offer downloads. The value is pretty average here at best.


  • Decent-sized collection overall
  • Updates come in consistently
  • Quality isn’t bad
  • You’re able to browse by categories


  • Videos aren’t downloadable so you’re stuck with streaming only
  • Quality could still be bumped up a notch
  • Photos could be larger as well
  • Zip file downloads were slightly slow at times

Final Recommendation  

Peter Fever is a bit of a mixed bag at the end of the day for me. I do like the hardcore gay Asian content they offer, and Peter Le seems to have a decent following with his material. The size of the site is also pretty good, and they’re still updating weekly here.

Where they falter is just in the lack of downloadable videos, which won’t be a big deal for some, but will be a huge deal for others. I’d say that they could also bump up the quality level of things all around, from the photos to the videos here, to keep up with the competition.

If you like Peter Le Fever and gay Asian porn videos, this is definitely the place to be. Though I’d love to see a few different site choices made to make things more current and up to date, I wouldn’t call this a bad join by any means.

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