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Video Quality

As you’d expect from a site that hasn’t been updated in over a decade, content quality is out of date. The videos max out at 640×480, a far cry from anything acceptable nowadays. The scenes are small and grainy and well past their prime.

Papi Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos actually look decently sharp, they’re just too small. They seem to hover around the 800×600 mark. Additionally, there are no zip downloads for saving the photos.

Papi Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Papi is a small site, with just 50 scenes online. Each scene does include around 45 minutes of video and several hundred photos, but there just aren’t enough scenes to keep members entertained for long.

Papi Member Content Quantity


The last new scene was added to Papi in 2008. Ouch. With 11 years since the last update, I wouldn’t recommend joining with any expectations of new content.

Papi Member Content Updates

Navigation & User Interface

Papi features a basic user interface that makes navigation easy enough. There are a few ads but they’re not overwhelming. Scenes are listed in the order they were added with category tags and a simple search feature. It’s not the most robust interface but with just 50 scenes, it’s not really needed.

Papi Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

Site speeds for desktop were excellent on Papi. There was no waiting for either downloading or browsing. Things do slow down on their mobile version, however, so I recommend sticking with the desktop site.

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Papi Mobile Page Speed Test

You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Papi Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

Readers of XXX Porn Reviews can join Papi at a special discount price of $18 a month. The regular price is $26 a month, so that’s a good savings they’re offering here and helps make up for a bit for the site’s shortcomings.


  • Original niche content
  • Special discount price
  • Network access
Papi Membership Pros and Cons


  • Small collection
  • No longer updating
  • Poor quality content
  • Member’s area ads
Papi Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation had a good thing going a decade ago but at this point appears to have been long forgotten by the webmasters. The site hasn’t seen a single update or upgrade in 11 years. That’s a lifetime for an adult site. We’re left with a small collection with outdated video quality. The only redeeming factors are the discount price and the network access.

Those joining will find access to six additional sites, and two of those are actually updating, so you will find new, original adult content still being added. And you do get access to all of those sites plus Papi’s archive for just $18 a month. All in all, I can’t recommend joining just for their collection alone, but if you’re looking for some throwback gay action at a decent price, it might be worth a look.

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