Next Door Male Review

Video Quality

The latest scenes and the majority of the collection on Next Door Male is comprised of full high definition videos. They go up to 1080p and are sharp and well-produced. That said, with 15 years worth of content up, quality does vary a lot.

The very oldest videos max out at just 480p and look decidedly amateur. It’s a mixed bag but there’s enough full HD for me to regard the site as high quality.

Next Door Male Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

It’s a similar situation for the photo galleries. While the oldest sets are basically just vidcaps, the newer galleries come in at 1920 x 1280 and are super sharp. The sets are available for downloading in zip files, making it easy to save these beautiful images.

Next Door Male Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Next Door Male is a big site, with 600 scenes currently online! Each scene includes around 25 minutes of videos and 90 or so photos. Members will find plenty to keep busy with on Next Door Male!

Next Door Male Content Quantity


Updates are coming, though maybe not quite as often as one would like. Lately they’ve been adding one new scene per month, though there have been gaps longer than that recently. Just keep in mind that the update schedule is a little iffy.

Next Door Male Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

Next Door Male uses a familiar interface that most members will find intuitive and simple. The scenes are listed in the order they were added with additional options to sort by popularity, category, and model.

There are also cross-linked category tags and a keyword search to make getting around the large site no problem. I wasn’t a fan of the ads in the member’s area, but they weren’t too much of a problem.

Next Door Male Member Navigation And User Interface

Site Speed

Mobile Speed  ( Scored 80 so average)

Accessing Next Door Male on a mobile device, I was happy to see solid site speeds on the upper end of average. There was no lag time getting around the site. You can see the results from our mobile page speed test here:

Next Door Male Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed (Scored 100, so super fast)

The desktop speeds were even faster. Whether browsing, streaming, or downloading, Next Door Male had user-friendly, fast speeds. You can see the results from our desktop page speed test here:

Next Door Male Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

Next Door Male offers a special discount price to readers of XXX Gay Reviews of just $15 a month. The regular price comes in at $30 a month so that’s a really great savings for our readers.

Next Door Male Special Discount Join Page


  • Exclusive niche content
  • High quality videos and photos
  • Large collection
  • Good site speeds
  • Network access
  • Special discount price
Next Door Male Membership Pros and Cons


  • Infrequent updates
  • Member’s area ads
  • Older content is of lower quality
Next Door Male Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation

With a collection that includes some of the hottest men to grace the pages of an adult website, Next Door Male delivers an excellent collection for fans of intimate gay solo masturbation videos. The men truly stand out from the crowd with physiques like these, and most of the action is captured in high quality exclusive video and pictures. While the older content quality drops off a bit, there’s plenty of newer HD to make up for it.

Next Door Male is also exceedingly user-friendly, with great viewing options and nav tools – the only glaring exception to that being the erratic and infrequent updates. If they can get those back on track, the site will be unstoppable. In the meanwhile, with a great-sized collection and network access, there’s still plenty to enjoy, and the special discount value makes it an awesome deal, as well.

Next Door Male should be the next join of anyone who enjoys solo masturbation videos with super hot men.

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