Naked Sword Review

Video Quality

This is one of those sites that is hard to judge on quality since it really varies for each film. I’ll give you a pro tip: head to the themes area (their categories) and find the ultra high definition videos if you’re looking for the best of the best.

They come in at 4K and look really nice. Most are closer to maybe 720p and might fall slightly below average overall. But they have a little bit of everything. Note that you can’t download the videos at all.

Naked Sword Video Quality

Photo Quality

Their photo quality can be described as…. a number being divided by zero. It’s not possible! It doesn’t exist. They don’t have any photos here as they focus on offering videos, not pictures.

Naked Sword Photo Substitution Image

Content Quantity

There’s definitely a decent amount to see here. I had a hard time getting a fully accurate count, but I’m going to guess that there are thousands of DVDs available, each with several scenes. So you’re talking 5,000+ DVDs, and 20,000+ scenes. It’s just a lot, okay?

Naked Sword Content Quantity


I didn’t find any specific dates on the content here, but I’m guessing they update pretty often. Especially when you consider how large they are. I’d look for multiple updates per week on this one.

Naked Sword Updates

Navigation & User Interface

They have a pretty tall order here in terms of offering some significant navigation and search options since they have so much content. They do a decent job of covering the basics, but never get too advanced with it. You can browse by DVD or by scenes. They also have a good list of categories to browse through to help narrow things down.

Naked Sword Navigation And User Interface

Site Speed

Mobile Speed  ( Scored 29 so really slow)

The mobile speed wasn’t the best, honestly. Scores came in on the low side, and while usability was fine enough on an iPhone, the videos and pages sometimes took a while to load. You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Naked Sword Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed (Scored 41, so slow)

They were slightly better when using an actual computer, but still about average at best. I couldn’t grab any download speeds, but there was enough hesitation when skipping around the videos to give me pause (no pun intended). You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Naked Sword Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

They definitely offer a lot of content here, which is a great place to be starting. The price is on the high side, however, and the content can be older at times, and is streaming only. I’d put the overall value a bit below average due to those drawbacks.

Naked Sword Membership Options


  • Lots of content online
  • Video quality goes all the way up to 4K
  • Nice list of categories to help you navigate the content
  • Multiple quality options available
Naked Sword Membership Pros and Cons


  • Videos are streaming only
  • Lots of non-exclusive (and possibly older) content
  • Quality varies, can be bad at times
  • No photos
  • Price is on the high side of average
Naked Sword Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation

Naked Sword fulfilled its promise to be the Netflix of gay porn I’d say. But it’s more like the Netflix from several years ago than the one you might see in 2019 and beyond.

Their deal is that they offer a lot of content that’s streaming only. So it’s exactly what I expected in that regard. The content itself can vary since it comes from so many sources, which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Sometimes, movies and scenes are older and not that great. Other times, they might be exclusive material, newer, and come in 4K. So it’s just a bit hit or miss with the content. There’s definitely stuff you’ll like, it just might take some time to find it.

All in all, Naked Sword is decent without being great. I think if they offered a discount (or just dropped the price), it’d be an easier sell for me. At $30, I expect a lot from a site. And while they offer a lot, and I think people will have a good time, I can’t help but think that they’re missing that one magic ingredient to really put them over the top.

Naked Sword Final Recommendation Image

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