Kristen Bjorn Review

Video Quality

The videos look excellent. They’re offered in four quality settings, up to 1080p. The scenes are sharp and clearly the work of a professional. The videos live up to the promise of “Uncompromising Quality.”

Photo Quality

The images are sharp and professional, though they are a bit on the small side. Photos are offered in zip files for downloading, and the nicely done images are worth saving despite the small size.

Content Quantity

Kristen Bjorn is a large site, offering up more than 1,500 web videos. There are also sections featuring their “Casting Couch” and “Behind the Scenes” videos, as well, so there really is a lot to see here!


None of the scenes are dated so I had a tough time deciphering any kind of update schedule. Going from the blog entries, it looks like one or two new scenes are added each week, so you can at least expect updates at a decent pace.

Navigation & User Interface

The site is easy to get around, thanks to browse tools like categories and a model index. That said, there are some ads in the member’s area and the preview “thumbnails” are so large, you end up doing a lot of scrolling. All in all, not a bad setup but it could be a bit more user-friendly.

Site Speed

The site speed was quite good overall. Speeds were excellent on a desktop, though they do drop down a bit on mobile. Still, very little waiting for navigating and downloading these high quality scenes.

Price / Value

Membership will run you $25 a month for the first six months and after that it drops to $20 a month. I did like the loyalty discount and think it’s a fair value for what you get. It’s also worth noting that individual videos can be purchased for around $5 a piece, a nice VOD option for those who’d rather not do a monthly membership.


  • Exclusive gay collection
  • Loyalty discount
  • High quality content
  • Good number of scenes
  • Blog and forum


  • Content not dated
  • Navigation could be streamlined a bit
  • Photos are small

Final Recommendation    

The gorgeous men in exclusive high quality content are what makes Kristen Bjorn stand out. There’s plenty for members to enjoy in this large collection, and I loved seeing all of these hunky European hotties in action. The full high definition movies look wonderful and the commitment to quality is evident throughout. I would have liked larger photos, but this is more of a video-focused site anyway so I didn’t feel it was a huge loss.

Kristen Bjorn offers up a lot of personality on the site, with a blog, forum, and well-written scene descriptions. Members can also rate and comment on scenes, as well, so you do feel as if you’re involved with Kristen and the men. Navigation could have been a touch smoother but again, it wasn’t a major issue. The price is right for this kind of collection, especially if you stick around for the loyalty discount. All in all, Kristen Bjorn is a site I’d recommend to fans of European gay hardcore.

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