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Icon Male Review

Video Quality

The videos all come in full 1080p HD here, so the quality and technical specs are all right where they need to be. They definitely look nice overall and are pretty crisp and sharp.

The one weird thing I noticed here and there was lighting that was slightly on the dim side, but it usually got better as the scene went on (I think they just try to keep the exposure consistent, and sometimes things reflected a bit more than others).

Icon Male Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos look good as well, though they’re also a little behind where I was hoping there’d be, but mostly in just small ways. The size is pretty middle of the road at 1920×1080, so I wouldn’t mind seeing them a little larger as a whole. Otherwise, they look good, and the lighting level is better here than it is in the videos in my opinion.

Icon Male Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Icon Male isn’t brand new, but it’s definitely on the newer side. So it’s no surprise that it’s not huge, though it’s not small, either. There are just over 300 scenes up currently, which isn’t terrible by any means.

Icon Male Member Content Quantity


They add a new scene weekly here, which is about the minimum I usually look for. I’m glad to see consistent updates, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them come in even more often.

Icon Male Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site feels pretty simple, clean, and modern all around. It’s not a huge site, so navigation and search features aren’t a major need, though they’re nice to have.

The best thing they have going is a moderate list of categories to browse through. The biggest bummer is that they only list eight scenes per page, and have 38 pages to get through, which isn’t ideal.

Icon Male Member Navigation An User Interface

Site Speed

The speed was a very mixed bag here. Everything on the desktop is fine, from the site loading to the video downloads. However, on a mobile, things were quite a bit slower unfortunately.

You can see the results of our IconMale.com mobile page speed test here:

Icon Male Mobile Page Speed Test

You can see the results of our IconMale.com mobile page speed test here:

Icon Male Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

The first month being offered at 50% off is a nice start, but it jumps up to the usual $30 price tag after that, which is a little on the high side. And it’s not a small site, but it’s not huge, either. So in terms of value, it’s very middle of the road, if not slightly below average for now.

Icon Male Special Discount Join Page


  • Video quality is pretty decent here
  • Exclusive hardcore gay content featuring twinks and daddies
  • Half off your first month’s membership cost
  • Updates come in consistently
  • Nice list of navigation categories
Icon Male Membership Pros And Cons


  • Some videos are a bit dim in terms of lighting
  • Not a small site, but not a huge site, either
  • Updates could come in slightly more often
  • Photos could be a bit larger
Icon Male Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation  

Icon Male does a pretty good job in most of the areas you’d look for on a porn paysite. They never quite make the leap to excellence in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get there.

Everything is just right where it’s expected to be. From the numbers, to the updates, to the features, to the quality. It’s all good, or even very good, without ever getting super terrific awesome fantastic.

The scenes are pretty standard hardcore gay material, and there’s a little bit of everything in terms of body types available. Anything from twinks to dadbods can be found, so hopefully there’s something to your liking.

All in all, Icon Male is not a bad site, and is worthy of a look for sure. Given some time, I think they could be an even bigger competitor in the space once they’ve had a chance to get even more growth and really find out where their strengths and niches lie.

Icon Male Final Recommendation Image
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