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Hot House Review

Video Quality

The videos look very nice here overall. One thing to note is that they only play streaming in your browser, so you can’t download them. But they come in at 1080p and look just as clear and sharp as many other site’s downloadable videos. They also do well with lots of lighting, which always helps.

Hot House Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

While the photos look pretty nice here, with good lighting just like the videos, they aren’t quite as large as I’d hoped for. They come in at 1920×1080 on average. They are downloadable and offer zip files at least, but I wouldn’t mind bigger photos, and maybe more of them in each set.

Hot House Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

They break most of their stuff down by DVD, of which there are 134 currently. Each DVD contains several scenes, usually around four on average. So at around 500 scenes, it’s not the largest site in the world, but it’s not brand new, either.

Hot House Member Content Quantity


They add a new scene twice per week here pretty regularly. So something new is put up every 3 or 4 days depending where in the rotation you are. That’s about average, so no real complaints or huge amounts of praise there.

Hot House Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

Even though it looks good, the site is slightly clunkier to get around than I was hoping for. It’s mostly because they focus on DVDs first, and the scenes are secondary. But they have all the basic options you’d look for, from pornstars, to browsing by date, and a large list of categories. I do wish you could combine category searches together to make it more advanced.

Hot House member Navigation And User Interface

Site Speed

Although they didn’t score great on the mobile metrics we use for site speed, it may not matter a ton here at the end of the day. Only the photos are downloadable, and I didn’t have any streaming or buffering issues, so it’s not the worst thing in the world.

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Hot House Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

The price is really tough to beat here with the discount we’ve hooked up. You won’t find many sites at the $15 price point. The lack of size and downloadable videos hurts them some, though, so it’s a mixed bag here.

Hot House Special Discount Join Page


  • Great low price point
  • Video quality is pretty good here
  • Updates come in consistently
  • Long list of categories to browse through
Hot House Membership Pros And Cons


  • Videos are streaming only
  • Some material might not be exclusive
  • Navigation could still be better organized
  • Photos could be a little larger
  • Site isn’t small, but isn’t terribly large, either
Hot House Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation   

Hot House has a lot of great things going for it. It all starts with the awesome 50% off discount of just $15 a month. And it goes on from there to include the good-looking videos, and consistent, twice-weekly updates.

There are some downsides as well, of course. The videos aren’t downloadable, so you’re stuck streaming them. The site isn’t small, but it doesn’t compete with the megasites. And the navigation could be beefed up just a bit in my opinion.

Still, they offer some great muscular jocks getting it on in fun hardcore and solo gay action, so how much can you really complain? I love the sports and athletic angle here to make things a little unique.

All in all, I think this will be a hit for many, and a miss for a few. If you can look past the downsides, you get a decent site in Hot House. If they upgraded a few things, like downloads or the quantity, we’d be rocking even more.

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