High Performance Men Review

Video Quality

Good, but not great. The good news is that they come in full 1080p high definition specs, and they really don’t look bad necessarily. There are a few compression artifacts here or there making things not as sharp as I’d like, but they’re definitely watchable. They’re not the best 1080p I’ve seen, however, and definitely don’t compete with any 4K sites.

High Performance Men Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos might look slightly better than the videos in terms of lighting, coloring, and sharpness, but they aren’t the biggest photos you’ll come across out there. They’re middle of the road at best in terms of size at 1920×1080, or maybe even slightly under average.

High Performance Men Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Well, the good news is that they broke the 100 scene mark, which is a fun first milestone. The bad news is that it looks like that’s the only milestone they’re going to break during the life of the site, because…

High Performance Men Member Content Quantity Bonus Network Sites


There haven’t been any updates here in nearly four years! Boo. They last added a scene in August, 2015. So I think it’s safe to assume that this site is DOA at this point and just enjoy the little they do have.

High Performance Men Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site design feels a little dated, and the navigation options are extremely basic. If the site were larger, or updating, I’d love to see a better search setup to help you find specific types of scenes. But at this point, you can just check out their 4.5 pages of content one at a time and call it a day.

High Performance Men Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

 Mobile Speed

Mobile browsing isn’t terrible here at High Performance Men, but it’s not the highest performer I’ve seen in this area, either. Checking the site out on an iPhone XS and running some tests, I believe they’re just a little behind the curve in responsive design and whatnot. You can see the results of our HighPerformanceMen.com mobile page speed test here:

High Performance Men Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed

Checking the site out on a desktop is a much different story. Since the site is simple, everything loads super quick and easy, including their downloads, which came in at basically my maximum connection speed. You can see the results of our HighPerformanceMen.com desktop page speed test here:

High Performance Men Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

With a slightly high price point (though a nice discount on your first month at least), plus just 100 scenes and no updates in four years, the value quotient is pretty low here. The bonus network sites help if you’re into them.

High Performance Men Special Discount Join Page


  • Athletic, masculine men in hardcore gay action
  • Full network access included with membership
  • Nice discount for your first month
  • Video specs are decent
High Performance Men Membership Pros and Cons


  • No updates in four years
  • Could still use some growth
  • Quality could still be improved
  • No real search or filtering options
  • Monthly price is slightly on the high side
High Performance Men Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation

High Performance Men actually ends up performing average at best, and well below average at worst, depending on which part of the site you’re checking out at the moment.

On the plus side, their scenes are fine enough and come in 1080p. And you get access to some extra content in the network that you get to check out for free with your membership.

On the down side, there haven’t been any updates since August, 2015. On top of that, they topped out at 100ish scenes, which is barely okay, but not that great. And their videos, while having at least decent specs, do show a little sign of compression or aging. The site also doesn’t have very many navigation features.

The biggest problem is the size and the lack of updates. It may be worth a look if you love the tour and want to check things out. But without anything new being put out, I can’t imagine sticking around very long.

If you like masculine gay porn, High Performance Men might fit the bill. But since it’s an older site and isn’t active, I’d check out the site (and the network) and then consider my options before deciding how long to stick around.

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