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Hard Brit Lads Review

Video Quality

The video quality is quite nice here overall. They come in full 1080p high definition, and they look very nice. They’re not the sharpest or most crisp videos I’ve ever seen before, but they’re pretty close.

The one weird issue I ran into was when I jumped around in the video, there were often several seconds of discoloration and odd pixelation before it returned to normal. This could be a random glitch on my system, though.

Hard Brit Lads Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos look pretty nice here, though they’re not the largest I’ve seen. The size is 1600×1066, which is on the low end of the average we usually see these days. The quality is good for them at least, with some nice lighting making them look especially good. I’d just love larger options.

Hard Brit Lads Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

It’s not a tiny site, but it’s not that large yet, either. They do have over 360 scenes up currently, which is definitely a good start. However, when you’re competing with other sites that have thousands of scenes, it’s tough to keep up at times.

Hard Brit Lads Member Content Quantity


New scenes are coming in pretty often at least, with something new posted every 3-4 days. So expect two new scenes per week, which isn’t too bad of a pace at all. That’s still only 100-ish new scenes per year, so it’ll take some time before they reach the 1,000 scene mark.

Hard Brit Lads Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site looks clean and modern, and I think part of that has to do with the fact that even their scene thumbnails match the site decor. They have a black and red thing going on, which just happens to be the color of the bed and pillow, plus the site’s menu.

The site is mostly thumbnail previews, so you just browse page by page until you find what you need. They could use some more advanced search features for sure.

Hard Brit Lads Member Navigation And User Interface

Site Speed

Sadly, as a whole, the site speed was definitely a bit below par. The one normal spot was desktop browsing, which was pretty standard. Browsing on a mobile device was much slower, however. And though they weren’t super slow, I’d say that video downloads came in around 1/3 of my usual speed.

You can see the results of our HardBritLads.com mobile page speed test here:

Hard Brit Lads Mobile Page Speed Test

You can see the results of our HardBritLads.com desktop page speed test here:

Hard Brit Lads Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

I wouldn’t call this the best value in the world. The price is already on the high side of average, and the quantity of content on the low side of average. Combine those together, and it’s just so so.

Hard Brit Lads Member Join Page


  • Updates come in twice per week
  • Video quality is pretty nice here
  • The individual scenes do list tags you can use to browse
  • Not a tiny site
Hard Brit Lads Membership Pros And Cons


  • Could still use some growth
  • Video download speeds were just so-so for me
  • I wouldn’t mind an even more advanced search
  • Mobile browsing wasn’t the best
Hard Brit Lads Final Recommendation

Final Recommendation    

Everything at Hard Brit Lads just kinda flew under the radar as good, but never super awesome. They do a lot of things right, but they just don’t do enough of it, if that makes any sense.

It starts with the numbers. The amount of content doesn’t make this a small site, but it just doesn’t stand out as huge, either. The 1080p quality is really good, but there are sites that offer quality that’s even better. The same can be said for the navigation, the price, the updates and more.

And they never falter in any one area, either. There’s no real sticking point here I can show off as a reason not to join Hard Brit Lads. So I think this one is up to you. I’d scour the tour and see what all they have going on. The gay European hardcore content will be enough for some, and for others, it may not be unique enough. Check it out yourself and let us know what you think!

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