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Gay Life Network Review

Video Quality

While the specs are pretty good on the videos here, with videos coming in at 1080p and all, the quality can be a little up and down. They look pretty good overall, but they’re not going to compete with some of the best sites out there just yet.

The scenes vary a bit from one to the next, even on things like lighting. And there were a few artifacts at times, though they definitely don’t look bad or anything.

Gay Life Network Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

Things get slightly worse in terms of the photo quality from there. Again, they don’t look bad or anything, but they could definitely be upgraded to keep up with the times.

The biggest issue is the small size, which only comes in at 1000×667. They do have zip files, and they look okay, but they’re pretty small compared to the competition.

Gay Life Network Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

They are currently just shy of 2,400 scenes, which is a very healthy-sized collection! And with the sites and content being pretty similar to each other overall, I’m sure if you like some of the content, you’ll like most of it.

Gay Life Network Member Content Quantity


Updates are a little erratic here. Sometimes they come in after two days, and other times they come in after a week. They are coming in, at least, but with 8-13 sites in the network, I was hoping for more each week.

Gay Life Network Member Udpates

Navigation & User Interface

The site looks pretty plain overall, admittedly. However, the functionality is better than expected I’d say. It’s a little confusing with so many networks and groups of sites. But once you get in the right place, I really liked their ability to combine a bunch of tags together to really get a list of specific content figured out quickly.

Gay Life Network Member Navigation And User Interface

Site Speed

Their speed was up and down, depending on what you were looking for. Browsing on a mobile wasn’t the best, tho the test results showed a much better speed. In addition, video downloads did come in at full speed. It could be temporary, but it was a minor issue.

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Gay Life Network Mobile Page Speed Test

You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Gay Life Network Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

Even though the site isn’t terribly flashy, they do give you a lot for your money. The discounted price really saves the day here as $15 is an awesome join price. And they have a good amount of material, so it all adds up.

Gay Life Network Special Discount Join Page


  • Quite a lot of content available here
  • Great discounted price point
  • The advanced tag search features are pretty sweet
  • Updates do come in regularly
Gay Life Network Membership Pros And Cons


  • Site design is a bit plain
  • Quality, despite being good, could be better
  • Individual sites may not update often enough
  • Photos are quite small compared to similar sites
  • Download speeds were slightly on the slow side
Gay Life Network Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation   

Gay Life Network presents a bit of a mixed bag at the end of the day. They do provide a decent amount of hardcore twink and jock content to check out, and the specs for the videos are where they need to be. Even better, it’s just $15 per month with our special discounted rate.

However, the site as a whole doesn’t quite feel like it’s at the top of its game, or even very modern. The scene quality varies, even with the good specs. The updates, while they do come, are a little slower than I’d hope for. And a few little glitches, like download speeds, also chipped away at the overall likeability.

So while it’s not a bust by any means, I wouldn’t call Gay Life Network a must-join option, either. I’d say to check out the tour and see if you like what you see. If you’re not super picky about things and don’t mind some inconsistencies, it could be worth a look, especially at that low price point.

Gay Life Network  Final Recommendation Image
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