Gay Asian Network Review

Video Quality

The video quality is decent, though it’s not at the top of the charts necessarily. It comes in at a full 1080p high definition quality. From there, the encoding is fine, but not great. There’s nothing too noticeably wrong with them, but they don’t stand out as super sharp, colorful, or super high quality, either.

Gay Asian Network Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photo quality takes a step in the wrong direction, sadly. They also suffer from just so-so quality at times, and what’s worse, they also are much smaller than I was hoping to see. 1000×563 is the largest I saw, which is definitely lower than most sites we come across these days.

Gay Asian Network Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

They have nearly 1,700 scenes up, which isn’t bad overall by any means. This is split up across seven sites of course, which averages out to around 240 scenes per site. So as a whole, things are decent, though the numbers can’t compete with the mega-sites.

Gay Asian Network Content Quantity


A new scene is posted once per week, which is okay for a single paysite, but not for a network like this. It turns out that pretty much all the updates come from a single site, so the rest are dormant. They need to get back on pace with new content for those sites to keep competitive.

Gay Asian Network Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site is pretty simple and clean, maybe to a fault. You can browse all the content chronologically, or by site of course. They also have a list of categories to browse through, though you can only use one a time, so you can’t combine them into a super search of any sort.

Gay Asian Network Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

 Mobile Speed

The site is definitely quick on all fronts here. They are optimized for mobile browsing, and checking the site out on an iPhone XS was very easy. You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Gay Asian Network Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed

Desktop browsing was great as well with speeds maxing out my connection. All of the testing and scoring we did produced basically perfect results for site speed. You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Gay Asian Network Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

A lot of things are pretty average or middle of the road here. The one area they are behind the curve is in updates for most of their sites, which are close to zero. Add in the fact that there’s no discount, and I’d say the value is a bit on the low side here.


  • Decent-sized collection
  • Videos come in 1080p
  • Pretty unique hardcore gay Asian material
  • A list of categories is available to help narrow things down
Gay Asian Network Membership Pros and Cons


  • Most sites aren’t updating
  • Pictures are tiny
  • Quality could still be better overall
  • Navigation could be improved since it’s a network
Gay Asian Network Final Recommendation Image

Final Recommendation 

The Gay Asian Network moderately checks at least some of the boxes you look for on sites, or in networks, without ever really going over the top to wow you.

Starting with the numbers… they’re not bad, but they are nothing extraordinary, either. The collection as a whole is in some decent numbers territory, but there are many networks out there that would crush them in terms of content counts.

What’s worse, only one site really appears to update these days with any frequency, which is JapanBoyz. The rest are extremely slow at best, or dead, at worst.

The quality for the videos is also pretty middle of the road. Again, they’re not doing anything too wrong, but they also don’t stand out that much in a good way.

The photos are even worse, coming in much smaller than I’d hoped to see.

All in all, it’s a pretty middle of the road gay Asian boys porn network. If they got updates flowing again on the majority of their sites, and maybe considered some upgrades in the quality and navigation, I think Gay Asian Network could revive itself. For now, I’d only check it out if I really loved the content I saw in the tour.

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