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Video Quality

The entire site here comes in full 1080p high definition action, which is great to see. With an older site, you just never know. So the video quality was better than expected. I wouldn’t call them the best 1080p HD in the world, but they get the job done just fine.

FapBoys Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

It’s hard to tell, but a lot of the photos look like downsized screencaps. Either way, they’re a bit on the small side at 1000×667, and the quality isn’t the greatest in the world. I’d come here for the video content, mostly.

FapBoys Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Unfortunately, FapBoys couldn’t find a ton of guys to masturbate on camera for them as there are just 83 scenes up. It’s not the smallest site in the world, but they could definitely use some growth still.

FapBoys Member Content Quantity


And unfortunately, that growth isn’t likely to happen. They were around for but a brief time from 2015-2016, with nothing new since. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any new content at this point.

FapBoys Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

Since the site isn’t that large, getting around isn’t terribly difficult. The site feels like a 2015 site in terms of look and feel. But they do allow you to change the layout of the site, which helps a ton. There are also some categories to help narrow things down, which aren’t as important for this site in particular.

FapBoys Members Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

Mobile Speed  ( Scored 99 so upper end of fast)

For one reason or another, this site worked better for me on a mobile device than another site of theirs did. Things loaded quickly and worked well. You can see the results of our FapBoys.com mobile page speed test here:

FapBoys Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed (Scored 100, so fast)

And, just as expected, things were that much better on a desktop. There were some fluctuations in download speeds here and there. But for the most part, things were quick all around. You can see the results of our FapBoys.com desktop page speed test here:

FapBoys Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

They have a smaller collection than I’d like to see, and they don’t seem to update. At full price, this site is probably not worth it, but with the super low $15 special discount deal we have, it’s worth looking into.

FapBoys Special Discount Join Page


  • All of the videos come in full 1080p HD quality
  • Discounted price for lifetime
  • A lot of different navigation options available
FapBoys Membership Pros and Cons


  • Pretty small collection overall
  • No updates in several years
  • Photos are on the small side
  • Latest scenes aren’t about fapping/masturbation at all
FapBoys Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation

FapBoys had an okay start to the site, but never really had a chance to really get off the ground. It was around for such a short time, and they seemed to have run out of masturbation scenes to offer up, that it’s tough to get too excited here.

The scenes they do have aren’t bad, especially considering they’re all in 1080p high definition. The photos don’t fare as well as they come in a lot smaller than they could, and they don’t look all that great.

The size of the collection is a bit of an issue as well as they are still under 100 scenes. Plus, without any updates in four-ish years, I wouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Add that all together, and this one seems like a site to check out if you really love the theme and happen to come across the site or some previews, but I can’t imagine this being a huge winner for anyone.

If you do love seeing guys of all types masturbating on camera, whether they’re twinks, jocks, hunks, regular dudes, or whatever it may be, take a peek at FapBoys and see if it fits the bill. You may not stick around all that long, but it could be worth a quick look.

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