Falcon Studios Review

Video Quality

Of course, with a content collection going back so far, the older stuff looks much different than the newer stuff. But the material these days looks great.

They come in at 1080p and are crisp, clear, and colorful. They haven’t pulled the trigger on 4K videos yet, but being a high-production porn company, they really put out some great material.

Falcon Studios Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos are a pretty minor part of what they do here I’d say. Some scenes only have a dozen photos or so. They come at 1920×1080 these days, and they look fine. I could make the argument for larger photos, but I just don’t think that’s their priority.

Falcon Studios Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Well, they’ve been around for almost 20 years at this point, in terms of their online presence at least. And they’ve amassed 1,900+ scenes in that time. I actually would have thought it would be larger with all that time, but it’s not a small site by any means.

Falcon Studios Member Content Quantity


They put up a new scene every 2-3 days here, which is definitely alright by me. It’s great to see them still so active after all this time.

Falcon Studios Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

Their site feels a little old in terms of design, but they do a decent job of organizing it. You can browse by pornstar, DVD series, and categories. You can’t combine the categories into any type of advanced search, which really would be great to see with the longevity of this site. But it all works well enough.

Falcon Studios Member Navigation And User Interface

Site Speed

Getting around the site is quick and pages load pretty fast. It was tough to test any download speeds since all of their videos are streaming, but they seem to stream pretty fast at least.

You can see the results of our FalconStudios.com mobile page speed test here:

You can see the results of our FalconStudios.com mobile page speed test here:

Falcon Studios Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

They have a lot of content and update often. It’s a slight bummer that the discount is only for the first month, and also a slight bummer that you can’t download the videos. But they offer more than enough otherwise to make up for it.

Falcon Studios Special Discount Join Page


  • They’ve been around for almost 20 years
  • Quality is good these days
  • Updates still coming in strong
  • Half off your first month
  • Great muscle/jock/athletic content
Falcon Studios Membership Pros And Cons


  • Videos aren’t downloadable, streaming only
  • Older quality isn’t as good, as expected
  • I wouldn’t mind even more advanced navigation features
  • Photos aren’t a huge priority here
Falcon Studios Final Recommendation Image

Final Recommendation   

Falcon Studios has been a mainstay in the gay production world for a long time, and it shows. They have a lot of muscle man content here featuring all types of athletes and jocks getting it on it hot hardcore action.

The main drawback is just the lack of downloadable videos. Thankfully, the streaming works well and the quality is still great. Navigation could also be beefed up a little, but what they have gets the job done.

They update often, and though I’m a little surprised the site isn’t even larger than it is, you can’t argue with the amount of content here.

The final bit of good news here at Falcon Studios is the discount you get for your first month to get you in for just $15. If you like ripped dudes getting it on, I think you’ll have a pretty good time here.

Falcon Studios Why You Should Buy
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