Dirty Scout Review

Video Quality

The videos come in at 1080p HD, which is generally the go-to standard for sites these days. They look good, but not great, as they have some quality issues here and there that hold them back a little bit in terms of quality. But they could upgrade that at any time and be right back on track.

Dirty Scout Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos have a similar level of quality, which ends up being okay but not great. I’d actually make the argument that they are screencaps from their videos. The specific sizing of 1920×1080, plus the overall look and feel, kind of give it away. Though it’s just a guess.

Dirty Scout Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Dirty Scout has 184 scenes at the moment, which isn’t the worst. It’s not a huge site, but it’s not a small site either. And thankfully, they are still updating, which is great news as the numbers should continue to grow.

Dirty Scout Member Content Quantity


With weekly updates being the norm here, it’s a pretty standard (and slightly unexciting) update schedule. I’m glad to see they are alive and active here, though it’d be great to bump up to twice weekly updates like some of their other sites.

Dirty Scout Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site is a bit on the simple or plain side for my liking. It gets the job done, but it doesn’t offer a ton of extras to speak of. Specifically, there aren’t any great filtering or search options, so you’ll end up just browsing through a bunch of pages hoping to find a guy you like.

Dirty Scout Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

 Mobile Speed

This site isn’t really optimized for mobile use, so it didn’t score well on our mobile tests, and browsing the site on an iPhone XS was more difficult than it needed to me. You can see the results of our DirtyScout.com mobile page speed test here:

Dirty Scout Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed

The desktop speeds and usability were somewhat better, though they were a bit hit or miss depending on the day and time. In general, downloads weren’t as quick as I wanted, but it really varied a lot. You can see the results of our DirtyScout.com desktop page speed test here:

Dirty Scout Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

Compared to their other sites, this one updates a little less frequently and is a little smaller. The discount is still great to see, but I’d call Dirty Scout average at best in terms of value.

Dirty Scout Special Discount Join Page


  • Great 40% off discount offered for our readers
  • Updates do come in regularly
  • Quality isn’t bad overall
  • A few bonus sites are included
Dirty Scout Membership Pros and Cons


  • Not small, but not a very large site, either
  • The site is pretty plain in terms of navigation and search options
  • Photos are just screencaps from their videos, I’m guessing
  • Quality could still be better
Dirty Scout Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation

Dirty Scout isn’t a bad site, as they do a lot of the basics well enough to not really get dinged too much in scoring. But on the flip side, they also never really go above and beyond in any areas to really stand out from the crowd.

Everything here, from the numbers, to the updates, to the quality, to the site options, are all fine without being great. And while that leads to an okay experience overall, I don’t know how memorable the site will be for people.

The best thing to do is just go through the tour to see if you like their previews. The scenes are pretty straightforward and similar, so I think you’ll either like them or you won’t.

If you’re real intent on joining the Dirty Scout official HD porn site online, I’d definitely take advantage of the great discount our readers are offered. I don’t think you’ll have a bad time here, but I am glad they have bonus sites in case you want to check out something else during your stay.

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