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Czech Hunter Review

Video Quality

They offer 1080p high definition videos here, which means things look good on paper. And the videos don’t look terrible by any means, but they aren’t really the best 1080p quality I’ve ever seen. There are some artifacts here and there, and with some sites offering 4K now, those little artifacts are a bigger deal.

Czech Hunter Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

Their photos all come in at 1920×1080, which is an interesting size. I’m going to guess that these are screencaps from their videos, though it’s tough to tell for sure. There are some minor quality issues here too, and I’d say that the photos aren’t the main draw here.

Czech Hunter Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

They currently have 404 scenes up here, which isn’t too bad at all. They’ve been around long enough to have amassed some decent numbers, especially considering the niche material.

Czech Hunter Member Content Quantity


Updates come in seemingly at random, every 2-5 days on average. But they actually update twice per week on a pretty specific schedule if you look at it more closely.

Czech Hunter Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

Their site is rather simple, and while it doesn’t look bad, it does feel a bit dated overall. To get to the scenes for Czech Hunter specifically, you have to either find the link to them in the menu, or filter the scenes down. I’d love to see a more robust filtering and search setup to help you find specific content or models more quickly.

Czech Hunter Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

 Mobile Speed

Oh boy. Things kind of took a downhill turn here in the speed department. The site isn’t all that mobile friendly (maybe since it’s older?), so you’re better of using a real computer if you can. You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Czech Hunter Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed

Even on a desktop, the site speeds were a bit all over the place for me, jumping up and down at random. They were on the slower side overall, but it really varied depending on the hour. You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Czech Hunter Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

The discount to join for just $18 a month is pretty sweet as it saves you 40% off the usual price, and that’s for life, which is really nice to see. Add in twice weekly updates and a decent size, and I think the value is definitely on the higher side of average here.

Czech Hunter Special Discount Join Page


  • Nice discounted join price
  • Updates come in twice per week like clock work
  • Decent-sized collection
  • Fun public gay for pay hardcore scenes
  • Network access is included
Czech Hunter Membership Pros and Cons


  • Quality comes in at 1080p, but still could be better
  • Navigation could also use some improvement
  • Photos appear to be just screencaps
Czech Hunter Final Recommendation Image

Final Recommendation

While Czech Hunters never really excels in any major way in any one area, they do a lot of things pretty well, which earns them a recommendation from me.

Their numbers are decent without really being top of the game. And that kind of goes for everything, from the quality, to the site and navigation, and more. They get the job done, and they’re not slouching too much, but they also have some room for improvement if they want to be even better.

The scenes are decent, though as I mentioned, they can sometimes spend a lot longer convincing someone to fuck compared to the actual fucking. But they go out in public and find straight guys willing to go gay for pay, and they get the deed done right then and there. So the content is unique for sure.

Add in the great lifetime discounted join price, plus bonus network access you get with your membership, and I’d say there’s a good reason or two to check out Czech Hunter if you like the way things sound and look here.

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