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Club Inferno Dungeon Review

Video Quality

The video quality is a bit of a mixed bag, even for their newer scenes. Some of them come in full 1080p high definition and look pretty decent. But some updates, even as recently as a week or two ago, are stuck at 480p standard definition and don’t look anywhere near as good. I’m not sure if this is old content being repurposed, or what, but the disparity is striking.

Club Inferno Dungeon Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos are a little more consistent, at least in size. There’s still some variance from one set to the next, but at least the pictures are pretty standardized at 1920×1280 for most sets. The photos can have decent quality overall and actually looked better than the videos as a whole.

Club Inferno Dungeon Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

The size of the collection is pretty decent here as they have just over 750 scenes up currently, which is great for most any individual site, but even better for a site with such specific (and extreme) fetish content.

Club Inferno Dungeon Member Content Quantity


They update once per week with a new scene, which is pretty standard. However, as mentioned, some are in HD, and others aren’t. Plus, some are labeled as Club Inferno content, and some are Club Inferno Member Exclusives, and I’m not 100% sure what the differences between them are.

Club Inferno Dungeon Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site design tends to feel a bit dated here, but it’s not such a huge problem in the big picture. The best way to browse the site is through their list of themes/categories that they offer, though you can only browse one a time. I’d love to see a way to combine them into a more advanced search, but it’s better than nothing.

Club Inferno Dungeon Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

 Mobile Speed  ( Scored 60 so below average )

Since the site looks older (and this is just a guess), I think that it’s not quite set up totally for mobile browsing. So they didn’t score well here with it being more difficult than it should be to use the site on a mobile device. You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Desktop Speed (Scored 97, so fast)

Things were much better on a desktop where the simpler site loaded quickly. And since videos are streaming only, there weren’t any real download speeds to measure necessarily. You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Club Inferno Dungeon Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

It’s a bit of a mixed bag here with a slightly higher price point, a half off first month discount, some very unique content, video quality that varies a ton, a decent sized site, but no option to download the videos. I’d call this average on the whole, though that would depend on what you need from a site.

Club Inferno Dungeon Special Discount Join Page


  • Some videos offered in 1080p and look great
  • Very unique gay fisting content
  • Updates come weekly
  • Half off discount for your first month
  • Good-sized collection
Club Inferno Dungeon Membership Pros and Cons


  • Can’t download the videos
  • Many videos are only offered in standard definition
  • Navigation could be a bit better still
  • Not perfectly mobile optimized yet
Club Inferno Dungeon Member Final Recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation

Club Inferno Dungeon is a tough one to score as it has a lot of positives, but also some negatives. How much you like the site will come down to what you look for in a site, and more importantly, how much you like the type of content they’re offering.

The content is extreme, as you have probably guessed. Seeing a hand or fist enter someone’s anus is extreme in any situation. It’s even more so when the person is tied up, or if said hand is on the large side. So I think the content alone will be enough to make it or break it for many people. The rest of the review just won’t matter as much.

The numbers are decent, and they still post new scenes weekly, which is great. However, video quality is more hit and miss with some scenes that look great, and others that look not good.

The streaming-only videos may be a deal breaker for some as well, or not that big of a deal for others.

The rest is pretty much fine, from the navigation, to the pictures. Like I said, if you love the extreme gay porn and gay fisting material, you’ll probably want to check the site out. Definitely take advantage of the discount for our readers to get you half off your first month at Club Inferno Dungeon to save yourself a little dough.

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