Club Amateur USA Review

Video Quality

The latest videos all come in full 1080p HD, which is a nice starting point. Since the site has been around for a good while (hello, 2003!), the quality does vary as you get back into the archives.

The latest videos look decent, but keep the amateur feel. So they won’t necessarily win any awards in terms of quality, but they’re not doing bad, either.

Club Amateur USA Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

The photos are even more amateur in nature I’d say, both in quality, and in the sizing and specs offered. They come in around 1600×900 on average for the newer scenes, which feels a touch on the small side. They do keep the amateur feel as well.

Club Amateur USA Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

There are over 800 updates in the member’s area, which isn’t bad at all. Do note that some scenes are split into two updates, but those are usually both at least 45 minutes in length. So they have a nice amount to see.

Club Amateur USA Member Content Quantity


They have an interesting update schedule that averages itself out to something new coming up twice per week. A new addition comes every two days, then every five days like clockwork.

Club Amateur USA Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site itself feels a little dated for both the design, and in terms of search options. There’s a very basic search box that isn’t all that helpful. But beyond that, you’re stuck just browsing by updates for the most part, which isn’t ideal for a collection this large. I’d love to see the site refreshed ASAP to bring it up to date.

Club Amateur USA Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

Mobile Speed  ( Scored 87 so upper end of average)

The overall speed here was decent. Browsing on a mobile device was a little closer to average I’d say. But it worked fine enough. You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Club Amateur USA Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed (Scored 100, so fast)

Checking the site out on my laptop computer was much better with pages loading quickly, and video downloads coming in at full speed. You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Club Amateur USA Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

Although the price is a little on the high side, they do have a decent amount of content to check out here. And they also have a pretty specific type of material. So I’ll put this one as decent/average in terms of the value they offer.

Club Amateur USA Membership Join Page


  • Decent amount of content up
  • Updates come consistently at least
  • Videos come in 1080p now
  • Network access included
Club Amateur USA Membership Pros and Cons


  • For how old the site is, I thought there’d be more content
  • Scenes are often broken up into two parts
  • Older quality isn’t that great
  • Photos could be larger
Club Amateur USA Final Recommendation Image

Final Recommendation

ClubAmateurUSA was pretty much exactly what I was expecting to see from a site like this. It’s not the most up-to-date site you’ll run across, but it gets the job done if you don’t mind things being a little more basic.

The numbers are decent compared to other sites, but considering they have content going back to 2003, I was hoping for more material. Updates are coming in regularly, though the amount is pretty average in the big picture.

The same goes for the quality as the 1080p videos are nice in terms of stats, but fall a little short of the competition. The photos don’t quite fare as well and could use a size upgrade.

All in all, I think Club Amateur USA will have a very specific audience. You need to want to see pretty regular guys, and you’ll have to not mind that the site isn’t necessarily super hardcore in nature. If you’re okay with that, I think ClubAmateurUSA provides a nice site for what they offer.

A few upgrades would definitely help, but if you like the preview content, I think it’s definitely worth a look inside to check out all that they offer.

Club Amateur USA Final Recommendation Photo
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