Broke Straight Boys Review

Video Quality

Once they finally come in, the videos look decent here. They’re only offered at 720 for the downloadable versions, which is a little below the 1080p average we see these days. They still look pretty nice, but I’d say there’s some definite room for improvement, especially with some 4K sites out there.

Broke Straight Boys Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

Sadly, the photos were a little underwhelming for me, mostly due to the size. The quality and lighting are good, but when you’re offering pictures at 900×600 in 2018, I think something is a bit off. They do have zip files at least, but I’d love to see some larger photo options ASAP.

Broke Straight Boys Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

It’s a decent-sized site here, especially considering they shoot all their own material. At around 1,600 scenes, there’s enough to keep you busy here for quite a long time.

Broke Straight Boys Member Bonus Sites


I got worried for a minute here when their last update appeared to be over a month ago, but they were just hiding in plain sight on their main members homepage. Phew! New scenes are posted every 2-3 days, which is awesome all around.

Broke Straight Boys Member Content Updates

Navigation & User Interface

The site feels a little bit dated overall, mostly in terms of the look and feel of it. Getting around isn’t too difficult though as things are pretty straightforward. They do have an area to browse by tags, but the tag list isn’t terribly long. I’d call their entire site pretty average in terms of how it looks and works.

Broke Straight Boys Member Navigation and User Interface

Site Speed

The pages loaded fast enough, and getting around the site was quick. Where I ran into issues was when downloading videos. Even 300MB videos (which are much smaller than the 1GB+ videos I’m used to) took around two hours to download, which is just unacceptable. It could have been a CDN fluke or something, but it was a bummer either way. The streaming worked quickly at least, even at 1080p.

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Broke Straight Boys Mobile Page Speed Test

You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Broke Straight Boys Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

As a whole, even at the slightly higher than average price point (mostly because of the lack of a discount), it’s still a pretty good value here. They offer a good amount of material and update often, which is all you can ask for.

Broke Straight Boys Special Discount Join Page


  • Decent-sized site all around
  • Updates come in often
  • Streaming videos worked quickly and easily
  • Videos look okay
Broke Straight Boys Membership Pros and Cons


  • Video downloads came in pretty slow for me
  • No discount available
  • Navigation could be beefed up a little
  • Site’s theme of broke/straight college boys wasn’t a huge focus
  • Quality could still be better all around
Broke Straight Boys Final Recommendation Image

Final Recommendation   

Broke Straight Boys checks a lot of the right boxes in terms of what they need to offer. There’s a good amount of content, they update often, and the videos look decent.

Where they falter is in maybe not quite sticking to the theme enough, video downloads that came in rather slow for me (which is hopefully a temporary thing), and in not offering a discounted price point. There’s also still some room for improvement in the quality overall.

There’s stiff competition out there, so those little things matter. This isn’t a bad site by any means, and there’s a lot to like. If they could fix a few of the tiny issues they have, things would be that much better.

Check out their tour and the previews and see if they offer enough of the straight college broke guy theme for your liking. I think it could use a little more, personally, but if you like what you see, there’s no real reason not to join Broke Straight Boys that I can find.

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