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Video Quality

Video quality has come along way since Blake Mason first launched 13 years ago. You’ll find that the oldest scenes max out at just 480p, while the latest movies are 1080p. The older movies clearly they show their age, while the newest scenes look sharp and nicely done.

Blake Mason Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

Images are offered at around 1200×800 and they’ve experienced similar improvements over time to the videos. In fact, the oldest sets actually only offer vidcaps. It’s only been more recently that they made the move to actual photos.

Blake Mason Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

Blake Mason is a large site, with 1,265 scenes currently online! The scenes range from 2-30 minutes in length, with most of them hovering around the ten minute mark. Each scene also includes 50 or so photos to round out the site.

Blake Mason Member Content Quantity


Updates come fairly often. You can expect a new scene twice a week, each with photo and video content.

Blake Mason Member Updates

Navigation & User Interface

Blake Mason offers several helpful tools for getting around the site. You can browse the videos and the models by name, date, rating, etc. There are also some great filters to help you narrow down exactly the kind of guy you’re looking for, right down to his zodiac sign!

Blake Mason Member Navigation And User Interface

Site Speed

Desktop site speed was awesome. Mobile page speed was pretty average, so whether browsing on a desktop or mobile, we found decent speeds throughout. There’s no real waiting to enjoy these sexy scenes.

You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

Blake Mason Mobile Page Speed Test

You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

Blake Mason Desktop Speed Test

Price / Value

Blake has a special discount price in place for readers of XXX Gay Reviews. The first month will run you just $15! After that it reverts to the standard price of $25 a month, which still isn’t bad for a collection like this.

Blake Mason Special Discount Join Page


  • Special discount price
  • Good-sized collection
  • High quality content
  • High speed site


  • Some member’s area ads
  • Older scenes aren’t as sharp
  • Limited access with trial
Blake Mason Final Recommendation Image

Final Recommendation

Blake Mason is an excellent join for fans of young, amateur British men. The site is user-friendly and full of personality. You can tell the webmasters are committed to providing a quality experience for their members. Speaking of quality, members are sure to enjoy the 1080p videos that the site is now offering. Yes, quality does drop off in the older scenes but that’s to be expected on a site that’s been around this long.

With the special discount price that Blake Mason has in place, the site is also a very good value for readers of XXX Gay Review. They make it easy to sample the large collection without breaking the bank. There’s a reason Blake Mason is still going strong after all these years – they know how to keep members satisfied! All in all, this is a great join for fans of amateur gay and straight action.

Blake Mason Final Recommendation Photo
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