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Video Quality

Overall, the video quality is pretty good here. They come in full 1080p high definition, though sadly, I wouldn’t call it the best 1080p I’ve seen. There are some minor issues with the framerate not being 100% smooth, and some sharpness/fuzziness issues here and there. But as a whole, they’re decent.

Bigstr Member Video Quality

Photo Quality

I’m going out on a limb here and am going to say that their photos are screencaps from their videos. They come in at 1920×1080 (first giveaway as it’s the same dimensions as their 1080p video). Plus, some of them are blurry with movement, and others have the closed captioning still on them. So they are slightly below par in terms of actual photo quality.

Bigstr Member Photo Quality

Content Quantity

They have three sites here and 848 scenes total, which puts them on the low end of average for sure. That’s a little under 300 scenes per site, which isn’t bad at all. But they also don’t compete with the megasites out there with thousands of videos. I am glad there’s enough to keep you busy for a good while though.

Bigstr Member Content Quantity


They are adding new content pretty regularly here with a new scene posted every 2-3 days on average across the sites. The math adds up if each site were updating weekly, so I’m glad to see they’re active and adding content here.

Navigation & User Interface

The site looks and feels pretty standard overall, but as you start to dig in, you’ll find it’s pretty basic in its setup. They separate the content out by site, and you can sort it a few ways, but there’s no way to filter or search for anything more than a simple search box. I’d love to see a list of even basic categories, let alone a more advanced setup.

Bigstr Member Updates

Site Speed

Mobile Speed  (Scored 23 so super slow)

Whoops. There were some problems here when checking out the mobile usability scores and browsing the site on an iPhone XS. The site was usable, but it’s not as mobile-friendly as some sites are. You can see the results of our mobile page speed test here:

BigStr Mobile Page Speed Test

Desktop Speed (Scored 68, so below average)

Things were a bit better on a desktop. There were still some problems in testing, though browsing the site didn’t show too many issues. Downloads came in around 80% of my usual speed. You can see the results of our desktop page speed test here:

BigStr Desktop Page Speed Test

Price / Value

With the great discount they offer, plus having the benefit of three sites together with all the updates and all, things are pretty good here in terms of value. I wouldn’t mind even more content, but hopefully that’ll be coming in time.

Bigstr Special Discount Join Page


  • Decent-sized collection
  • Video quality is pretty good here
  • Updates come in regularly
  • Fun amateur European gay for pay porn scenes
  • Nice lifelong discount pricing offered.
BigStr Membership Pros and Coms


  • Could still use some growth to really compete out there
  • Navigation and filtering/search options could definitely be better
  • Photos are just screencaps it seems
  • Even the videos at 1080p could use a slight quality bump
Bigstr Final recommendation Photo

Final Recommendation

The Bigstr Network has a nice foundation to build off of here. There is room for improvement in several areas, but since they’re alive and active still, I’d say there’s hope for some of the few small issues to be taken care of in time.

They have a decent base of content here. It’s fun amateur European gay for pay hardcore type material in general, and I think if you like one site, you’ll like all the others as well.

The quality is pretty good for the videos, though there’s some slight room for improvement (especially if you’re comparing them to the 4K sites out there). Sadly, the photos aren’t that helpful at all since they’re just screencaps.

The navigation is one area I’d really like to see improved, especially as the site grows. Being able to filter things down faster to find your favorite masturbation scenes, or anal scenes, or uncut cocks, or outdoor videos, for instance, would be a huge help compared to just browsing through things page by page.

With the nice discount they’ve set up for you, I’m going to say that Bigstr Network is definitely worthy of a look to see if you like what they offer. It’s not too expensive at $18 to join, and if you like it, you could keep your busy here for quite some time watching the straight boys fake it till they make it out in the land of the Czechs.

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